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  • May 25 | 1.30 – 2pm (AEST) | Hossein Rahimpour, Ampcontrol: Visibility and Understanding of the Condition of Critical Spares
  • June 2 | 2.00 – 2.30pm (AEST) | Kaine Rathbone, Amcontrol: Online Condition Monitoring of Coal Handling Plant (CHP) Machinery

Joining the Ampcontrol Group Asset Management Webinar Series line up, Hossein Rahimpour and Kaine Rathbone will be hosting free technical webinars to discuss their latest projects.

On May 25, Senior Electrical Engineer, Hossein Rahimpour, will share insights through his webinar titled ‘Visibility and Understanding of the Condition of Critical Spares’. Often after the lights have gone out, there is urgent inquiry into where the spares are and what condition they are in. Whether the spare being sought is a transformer, bushing, motor or cable, its condition at that time can either avert or lead to significant costs. This presentation will outline why having visibility and an understanding of the condition of critical spares is an important element of good HV asset management practice.

On June 2, Mechanical Testing Manager, Kaine Rathbone, will deliver his webinar titled ‘Online Condition Monitoring of Coal Handling Plant (CHP) Machinery’ Coal Handling Plants (CHP) are typically difficult to condition monitor for a variety of reasons, including the physical distance (geographic sparseness) between equipment, the inconsistent run times and variable speed/load during operation, as well as the slow speed machinery and the need for high resolution data to identify problems with the equipment.

We have developed a solution to these problems through the implementation of an Online Condition Monitoring system specifically tailored to CHPs. The system is able to capture the high resolution data required on low speed equipment, then undertake customised analysis and diagnostics by utilising the proprietary monitoring software. The reporting system provides the customer with a condition snapshot, outcomes-of-analysis, engineering commentary and remediation recommendations for action tracking. This presentation will describe the challenges of condition monitoring of CHPs and the solution we have developed to address these issues.