Important Notice: Future branding of Verico

From 1 February 2023, Verico will be rebranded to Ampcontrol, after having been a member of the Ampcontrol Group for many years.

Ampcontrol is Australia’s largest privately-owned electrical engineering company leading advanced global manufacturing of award-winning innovations, products, solutions and service to the resources, infrastructure and energy sectors.

What business details are changing?

Business entity and banking details will remain the same.

Entity: Ampcontrol SWG Pty Ltd

Trading as: Ampcontrol SWG

ACN: 001 737 533

Will there be any changes to product and service offerings?

The existing product and service offerings from Ampcontrol Member Companies will remain the same and form part of the trusted and reputable Ampcontrol offering.

Legal entities will not be affected, meaning all existing contracts and standard terms and conditions remain unchanged.

Ampcontrol is committed to supporting and servicing the products and equipment you have invested in. All certified product labels will remain the same and certifications will be unaffected.

As a part of Ampcontrol, you will have seamless access to a broader range of Ampcontrol products and services, along with strategic innovation and research and development opportunities.

Further questions

If you have any further questions, please contact the Ampcontrol Customer Service Team by emailing or calling 1300 267 373.